1985 BA in Fine Arts from University of California Los Angeles
Studied under William Brice, Donald Suggs and Chris Burden

2007 Spirit Award Spring 2007 presented by Integrative Spirituality


Solo Shows:
2012 Flow Pilates- Fairfax, CA
2012 WestAmerica Bank - Sausalito, CA

2012 Pranja Yoga - Belmont, CA
2011 WestAmerica Bank - Sausalito, CA
2009 Devorah Bry House Exhibitions - Nevada City, CA
2009 Sausalito Picture Framing - Sausalito, CA
2007 Atelier Arnaud Marie - Paris, France
2004 Bonobos - Paris, France

Selected Group Shows:
2012 Sausalito Artists Show - Sausalito, CA
2012 The Elements -
Art Works Downtown - San Rafael, CA
2012 WOW Productions - Café Arrivederci - San Rafael, CA
2011 Sausalito Artists Show - Sausalito, CA
2010 Ways Of Seeing- Marin Arts Gallery - San Rafael, CA
2010 Mosaic - Art Works Downtown - San Rafael, CA
2009 Marin Arts Council Annual Exhibition - San Rafael, CA
2008 Chillin Productions - San Francisco, CA
2007 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery - San Francisco, CA
2006 Studio 333 - Sausalito, CA
2006 D'échet D'art - Q.U.F. - Montreuil, France
2005 Kaisa Fine Art -Palm Desert, CA
2004 Art in The Redwoods - Gualala Arts - Gualala, CA
2004 Bay Area Fine Craft : Black White Grey - Art Works Downtown - San Rafael, CA
2003 Fête du Basin de la Villette - Péniche Antipode - Paris, France

2010 - 2012 (ongoing) Pilgrimage - Various Locations in SF Bay Area
2012 Art In Nature Festival - Redwood Park Oakland, CA
2012 Ecstatic Automation Presentation - Prajna Yogai, Belmont, CA
2012 Stained With Earth, Stained With Sky - Nevada City, CA
2011 Art In Nature Festival - Redwood Park Oakland, CA
2011 Everyone Coming Home - Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, CA
2010 Art In Nature Festival - Redwood Park Oakland, CA
2010 Ink Full Public Disclosure - SF Golden Gate Park, CA
2006 Benediction/Benefaction - Burning Man, NV
2006 A Presentation of a Revelation - Studio F - Sausalito, CA
2005 Blue Devotion Ceremony - Fairfax Community Church - Fairfax, CA

Betty Werther Collection - Paris, France

Artist Statement

When I do my artwork all the gestures I make are completely spontaneous. I do not contemplate the image as much. I am more focused on my body. From my body I feel an impulse that directs me. I try to relax and balance myself so I can let it come fully.
I never know where the brush will go. I make my compositions based on knowing how the gestures usually pile up, not on the form of the gestures themselves. I also like to make brushes and pens from natural and found objects adding their particular mark to the composition. Found and natural substances and surfaces also interest me. I want to discover what their use can represent in a completely spontaneous and direct manner of working.I think about the relationship between the impulse and the objects I make. I do not consider that one is necessarily the reason for the other. The internal experience, the application of material and the physical results are a complete whole.The discovery of this impulse was a surprise to me. I never had a desire to draw in an automatic way. And the sensation of doing it is unlike any other I have had. But my curiosity about what I may discover in doing it compels me to continue.

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